Roy Del Frink is a transgender author active of Storysite and Fictionmania. His stories generally include physical transformation and sometimes racial transformations.

Works by Roy Del FrinkEdit

  • "After the Crash"
  • Bikini Beach Universe
    • "Bikini Beach: A New Experience"
  • "Breast New World"
  • "Closing the Gender Gap"
  • "Devi Does Dallas"
  • "The Devi Inside"
  • "The Easter Bunny"
  • "Happy Anniversary"
  • "Hot and Bothered"
  • "In the Name of the Prophet"
  • "International Dating Agency"
  • "International Dating Agency II"
  • "International Dating Agency: The Gold-Hearted Copper"
  • "International Dating Agency: The Manager's Secret"
  • "Just Another Day"
  • "Join the Circus"
  • "Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars"
  • "The Plant"
  • "The Pokezoo"
  • "Roy's Saga"
  • "Seven Brothers"
  • Spells R Us Universe
    • "SRU: A Typo to Remember"
    • "SRU: Better Than Plastic"
    • "SRU: The Diet"
    • "SRU: Half and Half"
    • "SRU: Made for Each Other"
    • "SRU: Many Unhappy Returns"
    • "SRU: S.H.A."
    • "SRU: Special Situation"
    • "SRU: Writer's Block"
  • "Super WoMan"
  • "Tales from the Sorcery Patrol: Stakeout #9714285"
  • "That S2K Story"
  • "The Twelve Changes of Christmas"
  • "Transformation Nursery Rhymes"
  • "Twin Rocket"
  • "Twins"
  • "The Two Truths of the Incu-Succubus"
  • "Who Wants to be a Woman?"
  • "Wishes Granted Inc.: The Big Breasts"

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