Jennifer Allison is an erotic transgender author active on Storysite best known for her Woman's Help Corporation stories. Her stories usually include physical transformation and age regression. She is the author of over 30 stories.

Works by Jennifer AllisonEdit

  • "A Better Solution Than Divorce"
  • "A Girl Want to Be"
  • "A Joke that Goes Bad"
  • "A Very Special Birthday Present"
  • "A Very Special Birthday Present 2"
  • "AWU - Abused Women Unite"
  • Bikini Beach Universe
    • "Bikini Beach - The Last Laugh"
  • "Boy to Princess - The Beginning"
  • "The Curse of Friday the 13th"
  • "Diaper Gang"
  • "Family Legacy"
  • "The Government Program"
  • "Indian Captive"
  • "Jackpot"
  • "Maggie Fights" Back
  • "MOM! I Can't Help Myself"
  • "My Choice"
  • "My First Day at Understanding High School"
  • "My New Next Door Neighbor"
  • "No Longer Needed"
  • "Paying Off Money Owed to the Mob"
  • "Paying Off Money Owed to the Mob 2"
  • Sensational Swimwear Universe
    • "Sensational Swimwear - The Protection Racket"
  • "The Service Corp"
  • "Sissyboy"
  • "So-Called Friend"
  • "Society of Switchers"
  • Spells R Us Universe
    • "A Bully's Time to Play the Fiddler"
  • "What a Party Girl You Are, Dean"
  • Woman's Help Corporation
    • "WHC - The Abusive Son"
    • "Woman's Help Corporation - The Beginning"
    • "WHC - The Date Rape"
    • "WHC - Equal Opportunity for Both Sexes"
    • "WHC - Gay Bashers"
    • "WHC - Not Getting Away With It"
    • "WHC - The Sleazy Lawyer and his Deadbeat Client"
    • "WCH - The Two-Faced Politician"
    • "WHC - War on Drugs"

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