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Ellie Dauber is a transgender author active on FictionMania, Big Cooset, Storysite, and Sapphireplace, best known for her work in the Bikini Beach universe and for her Eerie Saloon stories, co-authored with Christopher Leeson, which take place in the Old West. Her stories usually include physical transformation.  Her stories often include puns and cultural references, and a few have O'Henry style endings.  She also encourages reader comment.  She has discussed a number of stories with commenters, and several of her stories, including "Altered Fates: The Wife" and "Bikini Beach: Teaching Sally" were written as a result of reader comments.

Works by Ellie Dauber Edit

  • Altered Fates Universe
    • "Altered Fates: The Brother-in-Law"
    • "Altered Fates: The Husband"
    • "Altered Fates: The Wife"
    • "AF: Teacher's Pet"
    • "Grog"
  • Bikini Beach Universe
    • "Bikini Beach: Child Star"
    • "Bikini Beach: Invasion from Space"
    • "Bikini Beach: A Punk's Story"
    • "Bikini Beach: Purse Snatcher"
    • "Bikini Beach: Swim Date"
    • "Bikini Beach: Teaching Sally"
  • "The Chinese Secret"
  • "Djinn Game" (the "Djinn Game" stories are all stand alone stories)
  • "Djinn Game II"
  • "Djinn Game III"
  • "Djinn Game IV"
  • "Djinn Game V"
  • "Drug Bust"
  • "Family Time"
  • "Fishing Trip"
  • "Girl for a Spell"
  • "Happy Daze" (based on the TV series)
  • "He-Demon"
  • "House Sitting Pretty"
  • "Identity Theft"
  • "Jessie Hanks, Outlaw Queen" (Eerie Saloon story)
  • "Memphis Interlude" (Elvis TG)
  • "Road Trip"
  • Spells R Us Universe
    • "SRU: A Slight Switch"
    • "SRI: In Appreciation"
    • "SRU: The Map"
  • "T-Girl Perfume"
  • "Tales of Elsbeth: Two Lessons Taught
  • "Tales of the Eerie Saloon: High Noon -- How It All Began"
  • "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Autumn"
  • "Eerie Saloon: Toy Soldier" (Christmas story)
  • "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Winter"
  • "Eerie Saloon: Seasons of Change -- Spring"
  • "Tatoo -- Marked for a New Life"

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